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Open Challange

Is your Squadron interested in challenging MOH to a friendly dogfight match? If you are, please look for us online every Friday and Saturday night (Americas) from December 2008 to April 2009. Every Friday, MOH hosts FNC night. FNC = Fight Night Challenge. FNC is where MOH pilots ralley to face all adversaries. Following are the demanding settings we fly in competition:

FULL REAL with the following enabled:
a) Dot Range to 25km.
b) Friendly icons visible at 1.75 kilometers - so both teams can fly all eligible aircraft.
c) Speed Bar and Map enabled.
d) Online 1 "Winter Map" with 2 bases per team
e) No AAA
f) Airstart at forward base, ground start at rear base

config.ini file settings as follows:
checkServerTimeSpeed=1 checkClientTimeSpeed=1 checkTimeSpeedDifferense=0.02 checkTimeSpeedInterval=5 checkRuntime=2 [MaxLag] farMaxLagTime = 7.5 nearMaxLagTime = 7.0 cheaterWarningDelay = 3.0 cheaterWarningNum = 10 We will fly against competitors piloting any propeller driven aircraft.

MOH does not fly "external views", "no cockpit", "map icons" or other less damanding settings.