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The MAN of HONOUR (MOH) Squadron is an association of honourable gentleman, dedicated to the age old military traditions of Chivalry, Valour, Bravery, Honour and Tenacity in combat. Accordingly we ask that whenever you participate in a game under your MOH call sign, you adhere to the following rules of conduct and engagement:

1. Before entering a game read the rules and make sure you understand what is going on. It can save you from making embarrassing mistakes and upsetting other players.

2. When you enter a game or if hosting one yourself, greet every participant and welcome with a Salute.

3. Demonstrate patience and courtesy with all participants in a game. There may be language barriers or new players may still be familiarizing themselves with the mechanisms of the game.

4. Under no circumstances will a MOH pilot fly a “modified” aircraft in any online server, or condone the use of such aircraft in any online server. MOH specifically condemns any efforts to crack game code, or to use any resulting modified game files in online play for experimentation or otherwise.

5. When entering a game, always locate your MOH comrade and fly on their wing. MOH pilots must NOT fight MOH pilots unless in a designated training mission.

6. In the event you participate in a server being hosted with less than "expert" settings, you must fly disciplined and only use the most advanced FULL REAL settings on "your end". As a member of MOH, you are representing an honourable group of gentleman who are notable experten. Entering an easy game, flying the default settings, and shooting up newbies is reprehensible conduct. You must give less skilled opponents every advantage possible.

7. Don't pick on a particularly vulnerable pilot by repeatedly shooting him down and never openly criticize him. He may be acquiring skill and building his confidence. Your withering assaults will discourage him.

8. Never discuss politics, religion or use profanity during a game. The pilots you meet and fly with online represent a vast and diverse cultural and ethnic congregation. Tasteless comments made before, during or after a game could be deeply offensive to another person.

9. Remember, as pilots of MOH we are representing pilots of the utmost integrity who are playing a game. Humility, good sportsmanship, honesty, fair play, and simple respect are paramount in importance when it comes to all having a good time.

10. Courtesy, Courtesy, Courtesy at all times when flying against other players. An MOH pilot is not only deadly, but always gracious and polite. If someone is obnoxious, making trouble or otherwise being difficult, it is always best to quietly leave the game rather than to provoke a nasty confrontation.

In all matters of conduct, always remember that your individual actions directly reflect upon all members of our SQUAD, whether positively or negatively. Your kind words or actions will be always be remembered by another pilot. Do your best to enhance the reputation of the finest SQUAD in the air…………MOH!




The Problem of SHARKS:

Sadly, I am regularly asked about SHARKS and why they are removed from the MOH server when they are encountered. Webster’s dictionary provides the following definitive explanation:

“A coward who makes his living by swindles and trickery or by otherwise exploiting in an antisocial way”

Certain pilots, for reasons known only to themselves, choose to fly under an unknown callsign. This activity in itself does not cause difficulties and is otherwise not antisocial. The problem arises when the pilot flying anonymously is a well established known ace. This person is seeking to gain advantage through trickery. MOH and it’s top aces have a system for dealing with opponents who have proven to be very capable, experienced and dangerous. This system enables us to effectively neutralize the anticipated threat. We will use advanced team tactics and strategy, fly with increased vigilance and in the aircraft which we deem most appropriate to counter that threat. Once a level of threat has been established in a game, we will fly and fight accordingly. What a SHARK does is enter a game without our knowing the increased level of threat he poses. Consequently we will continue to fly in a relaxed manner, or certainly with our guard lowered. The SHARK then exploits our lack of preparedness to gain a serious advantage over his MOH opponent. These SHARKS are fully aware that they otherwise have little chance against their MOH counterpart and so employ underhanded means to achieve success. The SHARK cannot face us in his familiar guise because he knows he will be hunted down and neutralized. As a matter of course, MOH removes SHARKS from their server because we do not like to get stabbed in the back by a coward with a “paper bag” over his head. Remember, we are playing a game. Good sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, and simple respect are paramount in importance when it comes to all having a good time. Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you.

See you up there!