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IL-2 Fighter Squadron
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Sniper ( In Perpetuity )

Location: Virginia, USA
Favorite Aircraft: Me-109 series
Timezone: GMT -5
Languages: English
Date of Inauguration: January 9, 2004

The crimson eastern sky slowly dissolved as sunrise flooded the vast expanse of Russian forest with an earthy orange glow. The air above the forest lay crisp and still. To the men on the front line all was quiet save the faintly growing drone of two lone aircraft.

On the wing of MOH_FOX this day was the incomparable ACE, MOH_SNIPER. A veteran of many great battles, SNIPER’s presence offered tremendous assurance to FOX as they cruised across the sky in seek of opportunity. Both pilots eagerly searched the sky for possible BANDITS.

Finally, in the early light of morning, SNIPER spotted the barely discernable dots of 3 aircraft silhouetted above the distant horizon, their direction of flight indeterminate. At FOXes signal, the two ACES slammed their throttles forward and climbed skyward, clambering for the heavens. Both instinctively knew what was soon to transpire.

Each dot began to enlarge slowly into the distinctive shape of a Soviet Yak aircraft, methodically inbound in expectation of opportunity at the front. SNIPER and FOX would be the reception committee. The men in their bunkers counted on these two ACES and knew that each would do their best to see their comrades faith was well placed.

Unexpectedly FOXes engine shuddered and came to a stop. Nothing he did would revive it. He signaled to SNIPER that he was bailing and popped open his canopy. FOX hit the silk and began his long slow descent. Friendly troops controlled the ground below so both knew all would end well for FOX. From his parachute, FOX looked back at his departing comrade and silently wished him godspeed. FOX knew the Yak was the king of the "turn and burn" style of dogfight but no match for the clever SNIPER.

Placing as much sky between himself and the ground, MOH_SNIPER grimly faced his reality. It was his lone Me-109K against 3 Soviet Yaks. Apparently the Soviet planes had not yet spotted him, and they seemed transfixed by the now pilotless Me109 curiously spiraling earthward. The element of surprise was with him.

Using nearby clouds for cover, SNIPER carefully garnered his opportunity. The 3 Yaks cautiously continued unabated. SNIPER nosed his Me-109K over and fell upon the trailing Yak. As he merged he released a volley of fire from his nose mounted Mk108. The starboard wing of the rearmost Yak sheared from it’s fuselage. SNIPER furiously pulled on the stick of his trusty Me-109k, directing it again to the clouds which quickly enveloped him. Confused and in disarray, the two remaining Yaks twisted and turned. SNIPER again dived into the attack. His Mk108, 30mm cannon bellowed. Another well placed shot struck his opponents engine nacelle creating a huge burst of steam and oil smoke. SNIPER watched as the Yaks engine seized, telling him that the opponent posed no more danger. He now turned his attentions to the third Yak who had already latched onto his tail. In an evasive effort, SNIPER executed several quick scissors. The ruse worked and SNIPER squeezed the trigger as the forsaken Yak flashed past his gunsight and out of view. SNIPER looped around to see his opponents plane cruising on a steady course as if a target drone. He rolled onto the BOGS 6 and made a pass close to the stricken Yak. There he discovered it’s canopy opaque with blood, the pilot obviously dead. SNIPER shuddered at the sight, realizing that one day he may face such an inglorious death.

Chivalrous, gentlemanly and deadly, MOH_SNIPER is an invaluable component of the MOH system and it's squad of EXPERTEN.