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Sniper ( In Perpetuity )

"What does not destroy me.....makes me stronger"

Favorite Aircraft: Spitfire series
Timezone: GMT-12
Hometown: Hawaii, USA
Languages understood: Hawaiian, English
Age: 50
Date of Inauguration: April 1, 2004

The following narrative written by MOH_SODA

It was 1600 hrs on a typical late afternoon Russian winter; crisp clear air, brilliant white snow, high scattered clouds, & at 3500m it was COLD! I was flying wing for MOH_APOLLO; we were in Yak-3’’s, about half an hour into our second fighter sweep mission of the day. Minutes ago we had intercepted a low flying 109. APOLLO immediately engaged, & had the BAN smoking on his first pass. I had been covering him at about 1500m when I happened to spot a high bandit initiating an attack on me. Barely escaping his first pass, I had managed to avoid the P-47 & work my way to my current altitude. My intent was simply to keep an eye on APOLLO, & try keep the bad guy busy until my ACE MOH wingman could finish off the 109 & climb to join me.
Problem was I had downplayed my situation to APOLLO, & it was apparent the enemy pilot knew his stuff. So far I had been able to avoid his attacks by adhering to recent instruction from MOH_FOX; defend against the diving attack with climbing turns. The last two passes the leading edge of the attacking P-47’’s wings did not even light up, as my fragile Yak-3 was no where near where it was when he had lined up his shot. But there now was no doubt this guy was good; it seemed he had even more of an energy advantage on me than when we first engaged. He was clearly in control & he knew it. The seconds spent watching him extend & set up for his next pass were spent gripping my left one.
““109 down Soda; POS?””
All right, APOLLO’’s on his way! ““Directly above you sir, 3500.””
““Evading sir, P-47 your 4, approx alt 5000m; he’’s setting up for another pass.””
““rgr Soda, tally, climbing to you now, try drag your left.””
HUH? Did I hear right? How do you drag a diving Jug doing 700+?!!?
I tried to sound calm & confident. ““rgr sir.””
The glint of the late afternoon sun off his silver skin made it easy to track the BAN’’s approach. Slight bank left; he’’s getting closer, little tighter turn; closer, oh geez, closer, tighten some more, closer, closer, ah shit …… CRANK IT !! aaahhhhhh!!!
As the blackout faded away I found myself looking straight out the top of my canopy, hands shaking, looking right at the BAN. He missed ………… he missed …….. I don’’t believe it, he missed. Mr. "i'll take my time you're mine" must have been totally frustrated by now, because not only had he missed, he made a mistake, a serious mistake. He was in a hard left turn, climbing only slightly.
““No respect”” I muttered under my breath. ““Wait till APOLLO gets a hold of you, smart guy.””
He was still faster than me, so I used the separation to gain some altitude.
““Soda, you OK?””
““yes sir, he’’s slowed down a bit & in a turn, trying to come around on me.””

““good job Soda, bring him down if can, I’’m still low.””
““rgr.”” I spiraled down, erratically dipping my left wing, simulating damage. It was a move MOH_HEATER had successfully used against me in a training fight only days before. HEATER’’s wing MOH_SKYBOSS finished me that time; I hoped APOLLO could do the same for me here.
It worked; a minute & a half later we got our first shot on him; APOLLO fired a full deflection vertical burst at about 500m. Well, that got his attention, think it was the first he saw APOLLO. I could almost feel the bandit’’s anxiety; two Yak-3’’s within 1 km & him in a P-47 under 380km/h at 2000m? That was all it took; P-47, EXIT, STAGE LEFT!
““I think he’’s leaving sir””
““rgr Soda, let’’s go get him!””
As I finished my turn I watched APOLLO execute a beautiful half-roll at the top of his loop & dive in pursuit. I followed right behind. Bad guy had about a 1.5km head start on us.
We had been briefed the P-47D-27 was capable of about 575km/h at 2500m, a little slower than our Yak-3’’s. Well, they must have made some improvements, because the guy we were chasing was going way faster than that! I was trimmed out doing 610 and losing ground to both the P-47 and APOLLO. I had long suspected APOLLO had snuck a VK-107A engine in his bird, and this chase seemed to confirm it, as the two of them slowly crept away from me, the '47 outpacing even APOLLO.
““I’’m not going to catch him Soda, how far back are you?””
““1.75km sir””
““OK Soda, here’’s what we’’re gonna do. Stay dead on his six & start climbing; when you have about a 1500m advantage on him let me know; I’’m going to break off. If you disappear & he sees me turn maybe he’’ll slow down & you can get a shot.””
““rgr sir””.
When I got to 3600m I radioed APOLLO & watched him make a low G right turn. The seconds dragged by.
““It worked Soda, he’’s trading speed for altitude, you should be able make some ground on him now.””
Well, I still can’’t figure out how, but somehow APOLLO managed to get there before me.
““I hit him Soda, he’’s slowing down. Say POS.””
““700m your six sir, co-alt.””
““rgr Soda; I’’m out of ammo, let me know when your in position.””
15 seconds later I radioed back; ““ 250m & fast sir.””
““rgr Soda, take him down!””
With that APOLLO banked high right & I slid in his spot, quickly closing to my convergence range. The P-47 was leaking fuel & definitely hurting. My first burst hit his rudder & perforated his right wing. Pieces of debris flew past my canopy. I was way fast & yo-yo’’d high left. The BAN banked hard right & I rolled over, slewing my nose with a heavy rudder foot.
““You hit him good Soda! You’’re clear, finish him off!””
Well, I must have taken a long time to set up my next shot, cause when I looked over, there was APOLLO, flying right next to me about 10m off my right wing.
““I can fly up next to him & wave for him to stop moving around so much if you like Soda.””
The BAN barrel rolled around my next shot; I popped combat flaps to stay behind him. Next shots went left; following burst went to his right.
““You’’ve got him surrounded Soda.””
Was that a hint of laughter I heard in APOLLO’’s voice? My 5th burst hit the ’’47 hard, slugs walking down the side of his fuselage. Smoke started coming from his engine. As I continued to pump shots into that slug sponge Jug I saw the canopy come off & watched the pilot eject. A blossoming chute finally signaled the end of the extended engagement. S!
““he’’s done sir, rtb?””
I watched the distinctive checkerboard tail of the MOH Yak as it gracefully arched off to the east, APOLLO’’s voice filling my headset:

ON ANOTHER DAY..........
RUSSIANACE: com on soda, me & u, a3!!
MOH_Soda: sorry sir, you want me 1 on 1,
MOH_Soda: you’ll have to catch me without a wingman ...
MOH_Soda: good luck with that sir.
RUSSIANACE: i not think u that good soda, i better, come find out!!
MOH_Soda: there are no great aces in MOH sir,
MOH_Soda: only pilots with exceptional wingmen.
RUSSIANACE: i great ace, come see!! a3!!!
MOH_Soda: if you are an ace sir,
MOH_Soda: how do you explain your last 3 consecutive losses?
RUSSIANACE: i get shot when chasng other moh u idiot!!
MOH_Soda: excellent, i see we’ve reached an understanding sir.
(long pause)
SERVER: RUSSIANACE has left the game