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IL-2 Fighter Squadron
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About MOH
Established April 6, 2001


We are a Gentleman’s Flying Club specializing in the dogfight. MOH is not a historically based squadron and therefore our pilots fly the best of both Allied and Axis aircraft. Our goal in MOH is to create exceptional combat pilots who distinguish themselves by being very dangerous, determined, chivalrous and honorable opponents. We are gentleman first, combat pilots second.

The essence of MOH success in combat is thorough and ongoing pilot development. Our pilots share ideas and information and are constantly evolving in their use of weapons, communication and tactics for maximum effectiveness. The MOH pilot of 6 months ago is not the MOH pilot of today.

In order to remain the most deadly combat squadron in the world, we are constantly refining our techniques. There is no wingman like an MOH wingman. We guard, cherish and support our comrades in the air. Our motto is: There are no great aces, only pilots with exceptional wingmen.

Although we are serious, “hard core” combat pilots, we are all true gentleman. We treat others in a way which is least likely to cause a misunderstanding and most likely to leave everyone with a great and enjoyable combat experience. We strive to be the best combat pilots in the world yet understand that everyone who flies with or against us wants to have an enjoyable time. A MOH pilot will show impartiality and patience with all pilots in the game. MOH are gentleman striving for both honor and excellence.

Our MOH comrades come from many countries around the world. We are bound together by our desire for camaraderie as well as an interest in perfecting ourselves. We are determined gentleman by nature and yet enjoy the challenge of a good fight. Having an MOH pilot as a wingman means that you are flying with a gentleman ACE of exceptional excellence. You can be assured of their ability to fly incredibly well, to fight to the death and to cover your six when things get hot!

That is MOH.

MOH_FOX (Founder)