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IL-2 Fighter Squadron
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Sniper ( In Perpetuity )

"Always outnumbered never outgunned ..."
Favorite Aircraft: La-7
Timezone: GMT +12 - Auckland, Wellington
Hometown: Hamilton, New Zealand
Languages understood: German, English
Date of Inauguration: March 15, 2008
Age: 44

Lumbering below, the heavily laden Il-2 Sturmovik attack aircraft proceeded to the ruins of Konigsberg. This indomitable fortress, now hundreds of kilometers behind the front line, was the last bastion of German resistance in old Prussia. The last state in an empire soon to be forever wiped from the map. "How dare those arrogant fascist invaders threaten to exterminate my people" muttered MOH_KIWI. "How dare they!"

Soon the war would be over. Mother Russia had resisted with all her might and had turned the tide. Countless numbers of her children had perished in the conflagration. The cost had been dear, but a Europe oppressed by the fascist beast had been liberated. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics had prevailed.

It was April 2, 1945, less than 6 weeks before the end of the war in Europe. On this fateful day, MOH_KIWI was flying escort to the IL-2 attack aircraft of the 571st assault aviation regiment. He was piloting his La-7 3x20 and cruising at 3500m. MOH_FOX and the spirited MOH_ROTMILAN were on his wing.

Shimmering off ponds of April melt water the cool morning sun dazzled him. The horizon far to the west was smudged gray. Beneath it laid proud, historic Konigsberg, East Prussia. The ruined capital was in her death throes. "Men were still dieing there", KIWI thought to himself.

Startled from his thoughts by the shouting of the IL-2 pilots over the TS radio, MOH_KIWI scanned the sky around him. Intermittently the cries of his stricken Russian comrade’s could be heard crackling over the airwaves……… Comrade KIWI help us!!!! BANDITS, BANDITS!!!!

" you guys see anything"? Queried MOH_KIWI. "Negative" replied MOH_FOX. "TALLY"! shouted MOH_ROTMILAN. "D-9's at 5 o'clock .... climbing hard"!! "Lets break after them!!!" directed MOH_KIWI.

The 3 Soviet La-7 aircraft peeled to starboard and pursued the “rotte” of FW190D-9's. The 2 German aircraft having zoom climbed over 2000m from their point of attack on the Il-2's were low on energy, their noses straining for the heavens.

MOH_KIWI was the first in position to attack and unleashed a terrible volley of fire. Both FOX and ROTMILAN stared aghast as the leading FW190D-9 was impacted by countless 20mm cannon strikes. Shattered, the German aircraft broke apart and spiraled “peacemeal” earthward.

The other FW190D-9 pilot, having seen the demise of his “rottenflieger”, engaged his MW50 boost and hammered the throttle forward. Undeterred, MOH_KIWI chased after him, the M-71 Radial engine of his La-7 winding out. It was a race of two thoroughbreds. The prey could not escape, and the predator could not close for the kill.

Suddenly, and inexplicably, the German aircraft began to cough black smoke. It then veered to starboard. In amazement, MOH_KIWI watched as the FW190D-9’s canopy slid open and the pilot ejected, safely clearing the tail of his bird. “Obviously, his engine gave up the ghost”, KIWI muttered to himself.

Moments later a parachute popped open, neatly supporting its cargo and gently easing it earthward. “Should I blast that pilot in his chute”? an excited MOH_FOX inquired. “NO FOX!!! BREAK OFF!!, LEAVE HIM BE”! Commanded MOH_KIWI. “The poor devil will have enough on his hands dealing with our troops down there”.

Gently banking to port, MOH_KIWI could clearly see soldiers assembling below the descending pilot. He shuddered at the thought of what might happen to him while in the hands of the NKVD.

MOH_KIWI is the consummate gentleman. He consistently demonstrates chivalry in the air, and is a great comrade in arms to the pilots of MOH.