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The AIRWAR over the Soviet Union is a nasty business. The pace dynamic and frenzying. Its complexities and brutality humble the most indomitable spirit... .but that is war. Those ACES at the top accept these challenges. They can quickly respond to, and anticipate imminent dangers, seize opportunities and capitalize upon them. They are driven by their desire to be the best in the world and know how to create situations of advantage out of adversity.

Skilled, honourable and chivalrous pilots. Gentlemen delivering aerial combat excellence with style to those dedicated pilots of IL-2 Sturmovik. That is the MOH ACE.. .a combat innovator who is not afraid to accept a challenge. A pilot who can count on the expert knowledge of his formation leader will have the advantage. Great ACES are not individuals, they are pilots with exceptional wingman.. .part of a team.

Breaking the barriers to combat excellence. Catapulting a pilot into the ranks of the world's best ACES. That is success, an undefined, unlimited category of achievement. There are no obstacles to the determined. The brutality of combat is no place for the faint of heart. What tactics caught the opponent by surprise yesterday, are redefined today by MOH.

We await your challenge!




A Note to Visitors

This site was created for the pleasure of everyone involved in Oleg Maddox’s IL-2 Sturmovik and Forgotten Battles and 1946. It depicts a SQUADRON of virtual WW2 Soviet and German combat pilots dedicated to the promotion of the age old military traditions of chivalry, valor, bravery, honour and tenacity in virtual combat. Our interest is in the technical, tactical and historical significance of the aircraft which flew on the eastern front during WW2. Neither MOH or any of it’s pilots endorse the aggressive and brutal expansionist polices of Nazi Germany resulting in and carried on throughout WW2, nor do we support the repressive, and murderous totalitarian communist regime of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union. MOH wholly disapproves of the actions of these countries during this most unfortunate period of European history which regrettably caused the unnecessary death and suffering of millions of culpable and innocent people.